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Proactive Data Security

Outsourced Security & Compliance Management.

Security & Compliance are complicated.

We simplify them by taking the work away from your customers with Proactive Data Security.

Generate revenue and provide great service

Proactive Data Security is provided on a revenue-share basis – meaning you can generate valuable new revenue streams while providing a convenient timesaving service for your customers.

World-class infrastructure 24x7x365

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors, manages, and supports merchants globally for some of the world’s largest Acquirers.

White-labeled services

We white-label our services so that your customers and prospects perceive that they are dealing directly with you. We reinforce your brand values, your tone of voice, and your service level commitments.

Reduce your risk

Managing security and compliance for your merchants reduces the risk in your merchant portfolio.

Best-in-class technology

We have invested heavily in our Support Center, CRM, Case management, Remote Monitoring, and Remote Management Technology to ensure we deliver the best service to our clients’ merchants.

How does it work?

  • Proactive Data Security makes staying secure and PCI compliant as easy as possible for merchants. The technology works hard in the background, so your customers don’t have to.
  • Trained security agents contact the merchant to profile the business, complete their PCI assessment, discuss their data security and provide them with access to various cyber security tools relevant to their business, delivered via an app.
  • Once installed, the app runs all necessary scans and security checks, helping to keep the merchant’s business safe. In the event of a security anomaly, the merchant will receive notifications via the app, email, and phone calls when needed.
  • The downloadable app also facilitates the running of ASV scans, where required.
  • The PCI annual revalidation process is driven by the VikingCloud team, hugely reducing the time and effort required by the merchant as all the heavy lifting is done on their behalf.
  • All the information merchants need is available a the tap of an app, supported by an exceptional customer service team.
  • We are also introducing a broader range of fully managed security and remote technology support solutions to further enhance security and ensure the success of small merchants.

Key Benefits.

We simplify compliance by taking the work away from your customers with Proactive Data Security.

  • Zero capital expenditure
  • Significant revenue potential
  • Happier customers mean improved retention
  • Increases security and reduces risk
  • Solves security and compliance challenges for small businesses
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