Digital Forensics Services

reduce the risk, scope, and cost of cyber incidents

Organizations that suspect a security incident or a breach of sensitive data—or that have been notified of a compromise—need to act quickly to investigate and take action to protect customer data.

And they need to do it transparently and in full compliance with the reporting requirements of their processor, affected payment brands, and others. That’s where VikingCloud comes in.

Why Digital Forensics Services?

Our Digital Forensics Services have helped tens of thousands of organizations around the world successfully identify, investigate, and minimize the damage of malware, ransomware, and other cyberattacks – with the confidence that comes from on-demand expertise – 24x7x365.

VikingCloud is dedicated to providing cybersecurity forensics assistance leveraging our Cyber Threat Unit – an elite team of ethical hackers with the inside knowledge you need – for proactive threat hunting, as well as fast and effective cyber defense and risk remediation.

We have longstanding experience collaborating with various industry standards bodies and regulatory organizations to provide the right guidance and communications required to ensure legal and regulatory compliance at each stage of the incident response process.

We simplify digital forensics investigations by providing visibility and control through the Asgard Platform™, a secure, centralized hub that simplifies cybersecurity and compliance management. It’s your one-stop hub for instant access to your expert team, vulnerability scans, and penetration testing results.

VikingCloud offers a retainer-based option so you have the peace of mind that our digital forensics specialists will be available, at a set rate, for the time you need.  That means you can count on priority service and financial certainty in any cyber incident response.

And no need to negotiate and sign contracts in the middle of a breach.  Ad-hoc access options also offer flexibility when you’re facing a threat or breach.

Digital Forensics Services

What’s Included?


We establish a dedicated incident response team, define roles and responsibilities, and provide regular training to ensure that all your team members are well-equipped to handle security incidents – before you’re in critical response mode.

Threat and Vulnerability Identification and Analysis

We recommend, and help you implement continuous predictive monitoring and threat detection tools and establish procedures for reporting and analyzing potential security incidents so we can stop threats before they stop business.

System Control, Threat Removal, and Recovery

We develop organization-specific strategies for containing and eradicating threats, as well as restoring affected systems and data.

Incident Review

We conduct a thorough review after each incident to identify lessons learned, update the incident response plan, and improve future response efforts.

Our goals are your goals

VikingCloud’s mission is to stop threats before they stop business.  We are here to protect your customer data and keep you in compliance by:

Responding quickly and accurately.
Investigating thoroughly, according to a defined and proven process.
Pre-empting or minimizing the impact of data loss, theft, and reputation damage.
Restoring normal operations quickly after security incidents.
Improving existing safeguards and bulletproofing your cyber defense posture.
Maintaining legal and regulatory compliance with payment card brands and processors – and keeping trusted relationships with your customers.

$1.45 Million

is the average cost savings achieved by organizations with high levels of incident response planning and testing.



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