Web Risk Monitoring

patented, cloud-based URL monitoring in a single dashboard

Protect your business from illegal online marketing & sales with services that save time and reduce risk.

VikingCloud’s Web Risk Monitoring

Five key merchant risk monitoring services offered independently or together, according to a processor’s requirements:

Content monitoring for card brand monitoring and onboarding requirements such as Mastercard Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM).

Malware monitoring that allows you to review merchant website security and deliver a Merchant Malware Report to your merchants.

Merchant Intelligence to validate business operations, identify third-party relationships, augment existing Know Your Customer (KYC) tools with the merchant's web profile, and conduct URL discovery.

Custom Monitoring for your specific requirements and terms of service violations.

Transaction Laundering Detection for scalable and reliable identification and reporting of previously unknown illicit websites associated with a merchant.

VikingCloud’s Web Risk Monitoring solution delivers insights and protection in real-time – all via a single custom dashboard:

Regularly scans each merchant’s website(s).
Identifies illegal and otherwise card-brand-violating products.
Discovers merchants hiding illegal transactions in otherwise legitimate businesses.
Discovers merchants violating card brand specialty merchant rules.
Detects web-based malware including card skimming attacks.
Finds merchants that violate the processor’s terms of service.

Many merchants selling illegal goods have developed effective disguises and strategies to mask illegal activities.

That’s why VikingCloud’s Web Risk Monitoring solution gives processors the ability to automatically enroll all merchants to root out suspicious activity, such as password-protected webpages that merchants may be using to sell illegal or prohibited goods.

VikingCloud’s built-in Automated Merchant Discovery tool performs key steps to automatically identify a merchant's potential URLs from multiple sources, perform onboarding scans, quickly review those potential URLs and set up persistent monitoring from a single screen.

As an added level of protection, VikingCloud’s team of risk and compliance experts regularly keep acquirers updated on changing rules and regulations as part of the managed solution. 

To streamline onboarding and reduce your compliance risk, VikingCloud’s Web Risk Monitoring solution includes an Application Programming Interface (API) feature. By leveraging our API, you can automate merchant URL enrollment and management, streamlining the onboarding process and reducing manual effort.

Our API also:

Enables effortless reporting of Transaction Laundering Detection (TLD) hits, keeping you informed in real time.
Provides the ability to perform any portal task programmatically, putting unparalleled control at your fingertips.
Empowers you with a faster, more efficient, and highly customizable approach to Web Risk Monitoring, taking your security strategy to new heights.

$41 Billion

estimated in global merchant fraud losses in 2023. 


increase in global fraud estimated by Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) research – driven in large part by the continued post-pandemic surge in e-commerce.

Benefits of VikingCloud Web Risk Monitoring 

Efficiently satisfy card brand monitoring requirements and reduce costly fee assessments.
Identify violations with current and prospective merchants.
Reduce onboarding risks.
Eliminate non-compliance penalties.
Reduce costs of manual web content reviews.
Reduce risks of malware threats to your merchants.
Drive additional revenues with merchant services.
“We’ve seen first-hand why VikingCloud earned its reputation as the ‘go-to’ partner for its unrivaled Web Risk Monitoring tool.
It offers the exact capabilities we need.”
Jóhannes Ingi Kolbeinsson, Chief Executive Officer
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360° risk mitigation

Reduce Your Merchant Portfolio Risks While Increasing Revenue

Monitoring everything your merchants market and/or sell online is a monumental task. Staying up-to-date on their inventory can demand hours of your team’s time - and there’s still a chance illegal inventory could slip through the cracks.

VikingCloud's Web Risk Monitoring helps you ensure everything your merchants market and/or sell is in line with local laws and regulations, as well as card brand requirements. Our cloud-based managed service reduces your risk of having to pay fines and increased fees associated with illegal marketing and sales.

Reporting on and monitoring these risks is quick. VikingCloud's Web Risk Monitoring presents results in a clear, customizable dashboard that showcases key issues and offers valuable insights on merchant activity, including statistical reviews, drill-downs and hierarchical views. Plus, our Web Risk Monitoring solutions can be implemented independently or as a suite, offering 360° risk mitigation to help identify threats and protect your business in an increasingly volatile landscape.

Andrea Sugden
Chief Sales and Customer Relationship Officer

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