Endpoint Security

Automated monitoring for unusual activity

VikingCloud’s Endpoint Security protects servers, workstations, and other endpoint devices to boost your security posture and fulfill compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Our proprietary technology facilitates your security and compliance using cloud-integrated File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) and Windows Event Logging deployed on all your endpoint devices.

Easy, cost-efficient – and PCI compliant

managed endpoint security: protect payment information and other confidential data

Bad actors who gain access to an endpoint can use it to effectively move around your organization (or move in!) with the goal of stealing data or holding it for ransom.

VikingCloud’s Endpoint Security solution identifies unauthorized or malicious activity and stops would-be attackers from moving from that endpoint and spreading across the network.

One-Click Install

Simply click and download all you need for easy installation on any server, computer, or other device on your network.

Once installed, you’ll be able to see and track all your connected network assets and security status in real-time.

Automated Daily Monitoring and Integrity Validation

Get status alerts on any unauthorized changes to the data and files on your network. Identify, react to, and mitigate risk quickly and efficiently.

Daily reports provide audit trail documentation and log retention required for PCI compliance.

One-Stop Cyber Defense Portal

VikingCloud’s Asgard Platform™ gives you real-time access to endpoint security alerts, monitoring reports, audit documentation, and risk mitigation activities taken by our cybersecurity experts.  

It’s a one-stop hub where you can monitor and address security risks across all your cloud-connected endpoints.
VikingCloud'S Endpoint Increases Visibility into all areas of your Enterprise

security protection, compliance, and extendED logging capability

Anti-virus and Anti-malware

Prevent, detect, and block emerging threat vectors, malicious behavior, or interceptors.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Validate that systems and files have not been changed or altered from a known, strong baseline.

Primary Account Number (PAN) Scanning

Search for unencrypted payment card and PAN data to reduce the risk of fraud and to comply with the PCI DSS.

Network Mapper (NMAP) Scanning

Quickly analyze large, complex networks or single hosts to detect devices, identify ports used by connected devices, and the availability of unused ports.

Ransomware Protection

Detect and prevent ransomware or reduce the impact of a successful attack.

Windows Event Logging

Diagnose system problems and predict future issues with a detailed and chronological record of system, security, and application notifications stored by the Windows operating system.


of organizations have experienced one or more endpoint attacks that successfully compromised their data and/or IT infrastructure – with malware being the most common culprit.


the leading Predict-to-Prevent Cybersecurity and Compliance company.

VikingCloud clients often add Endpoint Security as part of an MSS Bundle for all their Connectivity, Network Security, Endpoint Security, Data Security, and compliance needs.

Check out our Compliance & Risk offerings for all your PCI Compliance, Risk Management, and Data Privacy assessment needs. Or see how our Security Testing solutions can help you identify and defend against network and application security risks with Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning.

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Chief Sales and Customer Relationship Officer

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