Secure Payment Solution

Streamlined Payment Security Means Better Protection

You need to make it quick and easy for customers to make payments to keep your business running – and your customers coming back.  

VikingCloud’s Secure Payment Solution simplifies payment processing and takes on the responsibility of merchant payment card data security.

We ensure your transactions satisfy the increasingly complex compliance standard – so you can focus on your business and your customers.  

Secure Payment Solution

Features That Matter Most

Secure Payment Capture:
Protecting transactions from end to end.
Payment Methods:
Accept credit, debit, ACH, and Safetech (tokens).
Fraud Protection:
Comprehensive fraud prevention with Captcha, Tokenization, Velocity Check, and Rate Limiter.
3D Secure Authentication:
Enhancing security for online transactions.
Apple Pay Integration:
Seamless integration for Apple users.
Shopify Plugin:
Easy integration for Shopify stores.
Payment Page Custom Configuration:
Tailor the payment experience to your brand.
Easy, Coder-Friendly Integration:
Get up and running quickly.
24x7x365 Customer Support:
Premium support with fraud monitoring.

Tailored Solutions for Different Needs

VikingCloud’s Secure Payment Solution is suited for a variety of applications and business types, with offerings differentiated by transaction volume and the mix of features and solution configurations, such as fraud detection and three domain secure (3DS) capabilities to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of transactions.

Whether you are an acquiring bank looking for a robust payment solution for your merchant programs or if you’re an individual e-commerce merchant seeking to simplify and secure payments to your business, VikingCloud’s Secure Payment Solution helps eliminate the liability of handling payment card data, reducing PCI scope and enhancing security.

Adaptive Risk Management  - Leveraging Predictive Capabilities

Our Adaptive Captcha fraud tool exemplifies our commitment to predictive capabilities. Unlike traditional Captcha which can disrupt the shopping cart experience, Adaptive Captcha adapts to merchant-specific events.

That means Captcha is activated only when a potential fraud event is detected. This ensures a seamless and improved shopping experience, while effectively combatting fraud.

Streamlined PCI Compliance

Seamless Integration Into Your Website

Our Secure Payment Solution is designed to empower e-commerce merchants by minimizing the burden of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. Because VikingCloud handles the secure transport of card data, you reduce the time and effort required to fill out your PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Less time on PCI compliance means more time growing your business.

The VikingCloud Secure Payment Solution provides the risk-free connection you need between your website and payment processor. All orders are completed in your cart via a secure embedded form or a hosted page. We then route all encrypted data where it needs to go to send payment to your bank.

Our Secure Payment Solution is not limited to credit card payments alone; it can also process debit and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments while maintaining rigorous regulatory standards.

Andrea Sugden
Chief Sales and Customer Relationship Officer

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