Programs for Processors, Acquirers, and ISOs

Boost merchant loyalty and drive your business growth with simplified PCI compliance and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions.

New News!  VikingCloud announces CCS Advantage – the first self-service PCI L4 compliance program with integrated Cyber Risk Score. Read more.

Reduce risk and free up internal resources for maximum impact

competition is fierce In today’s merchant services marketplace

As a payment processor, acquirer, or ISO, you must work hard to win over new merchants – and deliver meaningful results to keep them. And once you onboard them, you’re liable for their data security risk, lack of engagement, and low compliance rates. 

VikingCloud addresses these challenges by creating the conditions for successful compliance validation and adoption of security tools.

VikingCloud is the partner of choice for the largest global acquirers to:


Manage their merchant portfolio to meet their Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements – and improve cybersecurity defense.


Provide outsourced expertise and a purpose-built technology platform at a fraction of the cost.

Grow Revenue

Guarantee topline value of long-term subscriptions by providing value-added compliance and cybersecurity merchant options.
“As a global company serving hundreds of thousands of merchant businesses across 50 international markets, we need a PCI DSS partner, like VikingCloud, who supports our worldwide initiatives.”
Chief Operating Officer
Acquiring Bank Client

Proven, scalable, and global compliance and cybersecurity Program:

Merchant risk management and self-service PCI compliance reporting:

SAQ management.
Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) External vulnerability scans.
Endpoint protection.
Reporting dashboards.
Co-branded and white-label options.
Customized merchant journey communications support.
Customer support.
Asgard Platform™ to manage and monitor compliance program.

Managed PCI compliance and cybersecurity protection program:

Premium customer support-assisted validation.
Technical support to manage and monitor:
° ASV vulnerability scans.
° Endpoint protection.
° Anti-Virus and anti-malware tools.
° Online presence monitoring.
° Dark web monitoring.
° Web malware scanning.
Co-branded and white-label options.
Customized merchant journey.
Proven communication touchpoints.
Asgard Platform for view across compliance and cybersecurity programs.

Patented, cloud-based, real-time merchant URL monitoring to reduce fraud:

Ensure compliance with payment card brands, local laws, and other relevant regulations.
Identify illegal products and transactions.
Detect web-based malware card skimming attacks.

The Asgard Platform™

Elevating small merchant success through innovative technology.

Streamline your merchants' experience with an intuitive, user-friendly design that eliminates complexity, guiding merchants through the compliance process.

Our Asgard Platform is accessible via desktop and mobile and even offers single sign-on (SSO) integration so merchants can seamlessly enter their account from your platform, where available.

The modern interface simplifies and improves compliance by posing straightforward questions, automatically populating the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Plus, it includes Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) vulnerability scans, merchant training, and SAQ express renewal, ensuring year-round security and compliance.

With the Asgard Platform, your merchants can address underlying issues easily through visual cues and a task list on their PCI dashboard and boost efficiency and proactive security with automation, identifying priority risks.

For partners who have adopted Proactive Data Security (PDS) as part of their offering, merchants will have access to a dashboard that includes their compliance and data security features.

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Explore Our Additional Services for a Seamless Experience:

Premier Customer Support in 17 languages.
Seasoned staff with an average of three years’ experience.
White-label capability.
Single-sign-on (SSO) enabled.
Application Programming Interface (API).
Available secure payment solution.


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