Vulnerability Scanning Services

Better Protection Starts with Better Visibility

The only way to prevent threats is to see more of them - to analyze patterns and uncover and understand new risks. Then synthesize and prioritize those risks in a way that helps predict and prevent them.‍
VikingCloud’s Advanced Intel Scanner is a proprietary scanning engine that “sees” the right assets, threats, and security vulnerabilities faster and more accurately.

No One Sees More than VikingCloud:

We combine custom scanning tools, predictive intelligence, and cyber experts to identify and stop threats before they stop business.

VikingCloud means predictive intelligence powered by our Asgard Platform™, the industry’s largest repository of anonymized cybersecurity and compliance event data. Our advanced vulnerability assessment capabilities ensure comprehensive protection.

Our scanning engine’s integrated asset discovery capabilities use proprietary techniques to map, manage, and defend your connected devices.

VikingCloud’s elite team of ethical hackers keeps the Advanced Intel Scanner up to date on the most recent threat signatures and new vulnerabilities - so you automatically get real-time information on threats and vulnerabilities – before they impact your organization.

VikingCloud's Suite of Vulnerability Scanning SERVICES

Prevention. Protection. Proof.

VikingCloud delivers cost-effective solutions for network inspection and vulnerability management according to the needs and budget of your organization.

For Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance scanning and network segmentation testing, VikingCloud is an ASV – accredited by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) – qualified to scan payment card networks and secure cardholder data. We conduct scanning for millions of organizations around the globe. All scheduled, configured, and delivered through our Asgard Platform.

Our cloud-based scanner sweeps your network perimeter and access points to the internet from the perspective of an outside hacker to help find potential external network entry points available to intruders. All scheduled, configured, and delivered through the Asgard Platform, analyzing various IP addresses for vulnerabilities.

We provide a virtual or hardware-based device to scan for vulnerabilities from within different segments of your networks to identify threats and vulnerabilities available to an insider or trusted user. All scheduled, configured, and delivered through the Asgard Platform, ensuring comprehensive and understandable scan results.

All our vulnerability scanning services include:

Unlimited access to our Asgard Platform.
Complimentary asset discovery.
Self-service or managed scanning & remediation support.
Real-time threat status alerts.
Reporting & risk analytics.
Automated scheduling.
Pay-as-you-go or unlimited scanning options.
SOLUTION Spotlight

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Expert analysis and 24x7x365 priority remediation support

Clients depend on VikingCloud’s expert advisors for Vulnerability Scanning as a service. That means peace of mind and more time to spend on growing their business.

Our team becomes your team to identify, review, and create tailored remediation plans based on decades of experience and best practices from managing millions of global businesses.

VikingCloud manages your scanning and ensures your infrastructure remains resilient against emerging threats. That’s our job and our mission: Stop threats before they stop business.

The Asgard Platform™

A single-view platform that streamlines predictive cybersecurity and compliance management.

Only VikingCloud simplifies Vulnerability Scanning with our AI-powered Asgard Platform, a secure, centralized hub for real-time visibility, communication, task management, sharing, and storage of key documents and sensitive information. It integrates seamlessly with your Security Operations Center (SOC), enhancing your security posture.

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Nearly 70%

of applications still contain at least one vulnerability after 5 years in production. Our continuous vulnerability assessment helps mitigate risks and protect your apps effectively.

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