Our rigorous methodologies are focused on mapping all threat areas.

Test the strength of your network or app.

We help you recognize and evaluate your organization’s risk of exposure or security weaknesses.

Penetration Testing

Simulates internal and external attacks to see the possibilities of an unauthorized user

Mobile App
Penetration Testing

Discovers iOS/Android app vulnerabilities in the code and architecture before launch

Penetration Testing

Identifies and tests potential exploitable vulnerabilities across OS, firewalls and WiFi

Static Code
Analysis Testing

Helps developers reduce time in doing manual code reviews and rules out false positives

Thick Client Application
Penetration Testing

Provides thorough manual penetration tests of client and server-side controls

Database Security
Penetration Testing

Ensures enterprise-scale database protection against difficult-to-detect vulnerabilities

Social Engineering
Penetration Testing

Identifies and showcases manipulation tactics employees could easily fall victim to

Penetration Testing

Tests intrusions on IoT devices, operational technology or applicable firmware

Team Testing

Provides a holistic view of your organization from the perspective of an adversary

How we think.

Our philosophy is rooted in a multilayer methodology that identifies elementary asset defects and becomes a launch pad for identifying major flaws.

We have developed our own frameworks to help organizations identify, notify and respond to various incidents, policy violations and network intrusions in a systematic manner.

Based on the three factors associated with any information system:


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