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IT Brew: What's so scary about AI (Besides human extinction)

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IT Brew – January 23, 2024

IT Brew reporter Billy Hurley delved into potential threats posed by AI following the release of AI Impact's International study that surveyed 2,778 AI researchers. Predictions ranged from AI writing a best-selling novel to spreading harmful misinformation through deepfakes and most notably, fast tracking human extinction.

VikingCloud's Cybersecurity Evangelist Jon Marler offered a more grounded perspective on AI's trajectory and inevitable vulnerabilities businesses need to consider, like data security and ownership.

"We're always thinking about: Will AI take over the world? Will it make decisions that kill humans?...Very few people are thinking about: What happens when I put critical information about my business into a platform that's making decisions, and then who owns that at the end of the day?"

Read the full article here.



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