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IT Brew: Asking around: What will the boardroom be talking about in 2024?

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IT Brew – December 20, 2023

IT Brew’s article by Billy Hurley provides insight into what IT topic will be the most discussed in boardrooms in 2024.  

VikingCloud global security architect, Fayyaz Makhani, provides the key topic for Hurley’s article: AI. Makhani explains, “Understanding and directing what parts of the business will be most impacted with AI in terms of both efficiency or capability: That will be something I think that would be on top of the board’s mind.”

VikingCloud cyber evangelist and product expert, Jon Marler, is also quoted in the article, highlighting the potential risk of AI on personal data and proprietary information ownership: “People start using these AI technologies, and they look at companies like OpenAI and their ChatGPT; they have a cloud service for that. But once you dig into the terms of service, you start to find out, “Oh, if I’m feeding them a whole bunch of data, they now own that data. And I don’t own that data anymore.” Marler continues, “Very few people are thinking about: What happens when I put critical information about my business into a platform that’s making decisions, and then who owns that at the end of the day?

For more detail from industry experts like VikingCloud’s Fayyaz Makhani and Jon Marler on boardroom discussions on AI in 2024, read the full article at



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