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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: See Yourself in Cyber

October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which aims to help everyone stay safer and more secure online. We believe it is a great opportunity to educate, encourage and enable organizations to ensure their cybersecurity strategy is ironclad, so that they can better protect themselves from cybercrime. The?campaign theme (as promoted by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), See Yourself in Cyber, represents the core of cybersecurity, despite the technical complexities: people. The campaign has international support and there are many events, resources, and campaign materials available to help businesses better understand how they can stay protected. We have collated those websites and resources for you below so you can keep yourself and your business protected. ‍



European Cybersecurity Month (CyberSecMonth): promotes the range of events and activities taking place across Europe as part of the annual advocacy campaign. The website publishes educational and cyber awareness materials including:

  • Video clips: which can help businesses make their employees aware of information security risks and good practices
  • Computer screen savers: to remind users of information security risks and awareness of good practices
  • Illustrations: which can help businesses make sure their employees understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Posters: some of which are aimed at businesses to help them raise information security awareness
  • Cybersecurity Quiz: test your knowledge of internet security and cyber threats.


United Kingdom

  • GetSafeOnline: is the UK's leading source of easy-to-understand information on online safety. They will be supporting European Cybersecurity Month by promoting GetSafeOnlineDay on the 18th with Downloadable leaflets, posters, audio and video materials available.

United States

  • The National Cybersecurity Alliance: promotes a culture of cybersecurity and privacy through the StaySafeOnline website. The Alliance is supporting the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and provide a range of guidance and resources including; downloadable Tip Sheets, Infographics and links to Free Security Check-Ups and Tools.


  • GetCyberSafe: the Canadian Government's national public cyber awareness campaign. GetCyberSafe is promoting Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a Toolkit that includes Facebook Cover Photos and Twitter Headers for businesses to use to show their commitment to cyber safety, Infographics including 5 Ways to Run a #CyberSafeBusiness and easy to understand cybersecurity videos.

How will you help to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and promote cybersecurity? Organizations must take the necessary steps to ensure their business information does not fall into the hands of cybercriminals. This can be quite the feat in a world of constant attacks from sophisticated cybercriminal organizations. ‍VikingCloud helps over 4M businesses achieve PCI compliance and protect their digital assets. This gives VikingCloud a unique perspective on the challenges facing today's businesses. Follow VikingCloud to learn more ways to protect your business as we share security best practices, tips, and tricks during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Want to learn more on how VikingCloud can help? Click here to reach out to us.



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