Keep sensitive payment data off your network and systems.

With our monthly Hosted Payment Solutions, your customers enter payment information into a secure embedded form or hosted page. All payment data is encrypted, routed through our PCI Level 1-compliant data facilities and on to your bank processor.

Intuitively designed for:

Why VikingCloud HPS?

What are the benefits of the form?

Our SaaS-based form is designed to help merchants or any organization seeking to reduce PCI scope for digital payments.  

Out of PCI scope

Removes all payment information from your infrastructure and applications


Integrates with a myriad of gateways and payment acceptance needs


High availability-based system with security at it core, as well as integrated fraud detection and prevention


Blends into your system and creates a seamless feel

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How is our payment form used?

Managed store

Authorize payments

Token generation

Recurring payments


Credit, debit, eCheck (ECP)

In-app commerce

Common questions about payment form.

How does payment form integration work?

We provide two integration methods, hosted payment form (HPF) and hosted payment page (HPP). HPP is somewhat easier to integrate than HPF. HPF requires an iframe, plus JavaScript efforts to handle transaction responses on the merchant’s end.

Are there fraud tools to protect transactions?

We have a number of auto fraud tools which can be used to monitor and block fraudulent transactions on a merchant’s account.

Can the form be stylized to match our website/app?

You can style the look of the payment form/page to match your website/app. The integration guide includes CSS class names and IDs which you can use to style each individual field and label.

Do you offer white label licensing?

We do! We offer white label partnerships, high transaction volume plans and support merchant-specific needs, please contact us for a customized solution.

Getting started

Integration requirements:

To get started with the VikingCloud hosted payment form, the following requirements apply:

  • Organization must have a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to use

  • Applicable merchant domain must have a valid SSL certificate installed

  • An HPS account and supported gateway account to integrate with your system

  • Programming and coding efforts on your end by  your developer

WooCommerce, Magento plugin modules available

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