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Modern Restaurant Management: The Top Generative AI Security Threats Facing the Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management – December 8, 2023

The Modern Restaurant Management article by VikingCloud Chief Product Officer, Kevin Pierce, discusses how front- and back-of-house early adoption of AI has impacted the restaurant industry.  For example, Pierce discusses how many restaurants have already announced and introduced AI-powered initiatives for voice ordering applications in drive-thrus, kiosks, and other points of customer interaction – with objectives being efficiency in ordering processes, both for restaurants and customers, enhanced customer experiences, and an ability to enhance revenue by making customer- specific suggestions for new menu items and upsell options.

While there are many perceived benefits of integrating AI into restaurant operations, Pierce also discusses the potential downsides, impacting both the customer experience – with “hallucinations” or unexpected negative outcomes that can send a customer to a competitor – and challenges to a restaurant organization’s cybersecurity posture, including prompt hacking, third-party plugin issues, and supply chain risks.

For more detail on how the future of AI will impact the restaurant industry’s cybersecurity practices – including advanced threat detection, predictive analytics, and incident response, read the full article at



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