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IT Brew: Ransomware actors ‘tighten the screws’ with legal and financial pressures

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IT Brew – January 12, 2024

IT Brew’s article by Billy Hurley sheds light on ransomware threat actors’ evolving tactics that rely on more advanced financial and legal expertise. Ransomware gangs are targeting victims’ noncompliance with SEC cybersecurity regulations, going so far as to file complaints against victims in the midst of ransom negotiations.

VikingCloud’s Cybersecurity Evangelist, Jon Marler, offers his perspective on these new methods from cybercriminals: “I see that more used as a threat than actually notifying [the SEC], because it’s just not good for business.”

Marler’s insight emphasizes the lengths ransomware threat actors will go to add pressure on their victims.

For more details from industry experts like VikingCloud’s Jon Marler on ransomware threats in 2024, read the full article at



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