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Cyber Defense Magazine: Putting AI in Your Corner in the Fight Against a Resurgent LockBit

Cyber Defense Magazine – April 1, 2024

Jon Marler, Cybersecurity Evangelist at VikingCloud, illuminates the escalating threat posed by ransomware groups like LockBit and the necessity for businesses to adopt advanced cybersecurity measures in his latest Cyber Defense Magazine article. Jon emphasizes the importance of seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with human expertise to bolster cyber resilience and counter the escalating threat of ransomware attacks. He urges businesses to prioritize AI as a strategic component of their cybersecurity strategy.

“While industry pundits celebrated the recent ‘takedown’ of LockBit, it’s clear that cybersecurity risk remains as high as ever. The real threat doesn’t come from the criminal enterprise alone; most businesses lack mature cybersecurity practices and effective incident response plans to put up a good fight,” said Jon.

Read Jon’s full article to learn more about how to become cyber resilient with AI:



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