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InformationWeek: LockBit Redux: Ransomware Gang Demands $80M, Leaks CDW Data

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InformationWeek – October 20, 2023

The InformationWeek article by Carrie Pallardy covers information technology products and services company CDW and their most recent cyberattack by LockBit, a global ransomware gang.

VikingCloud cyber evangelist and product expert, Jon Marler, is quoted multiple times in the piece – and comments on how this attack differs from traditional ransomware incidents.  “It sounds like this is more of a data breach with a ransom aspect versus a true ransomware attack that completely stops operations,” Marler explained to InformationWeek.

Marler goes on to explain how organizations, like CDW, must establish a solid incident response plan to minimize damage in the event of such cyberattacks: “We do the same things for fire safety.  We don’t think the house is going to burn down, but we still have fire extinguishers.  We know how to call the fire department, and we know how to get everybody out of the house.”

For more on the CDW breach and how other enterprise leaders should think about their own organizations’ risk as data theft and ransom activity continue, read the full article at



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