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Cybernews: Fatigue and Shortages: Cyber Teams Intentionally Underreporting Breaches

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May 16, 2024


Cybernews sat down with VikingCloud’s CPO, Kevin Pierce to discuss VikingCloud’s new research – The 2024 Threat Landscape Report: Cyber Risks, Opportunities, & Resilience. Kevin highlighted the significant challenges facing cyber teams today, including a severe talent shortage, sophisticated new attack methods, and the advancing capabilities of cybercriminals. Kevin noted that cyber teams are overburdened and struggling to keep pace with evolving threats, leading to alert fatigue, and underreporting of incidents. Pierce stressed that AI is not a replacement for human analysts but can significantly augment their capabilities and improve efficiency when used correctly. The key, he emphasized, is using AI effectively to enhance cyber defenses.

“Although many leaders report confidence in their defensive capabilities, it’s clear this false sense of security is leaving many businesses vulnerable. Teams are trying to do more with less while cybercriminals continue to stay one step ahead,” Pierce told Cybernews.

Read more about VikingCloud’s new data here:



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