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TechTarget: CISOs on alert following SEC charges against SolarWinds

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TechTarget – January 17, 2024

TechTarget’s article by Arielle Waldman explores the growing pressure on CISOs for proactive cybersecurity measures in the wake of the SEC’s complaint against software company SolarWinds. VikingCloud’s Cybersecurity Evangelist Jon Marler offered insight into SolarWinds’s decision to leave their accused CISO Timothy Brown out of the company’s public denial of SEC accusations.

“The SEC has a long history of holding executives accountable for leadership failures and mistakes that end up costing investors large amounts of money,” says Marler. “The government doesn’t have a lot of levers to pull when it comes to cybersecurity. But when the outcome has a significant impact on investors, it makes sense that the SEC will initiate an enforcement action.”

For more information on how CISOs can respond to these latest regulatory challenges, read the full article at



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