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Chief Healthcare Executive: Some cyberattacks aren’t being reported, because staff say they are worried they’ll be fired

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Chief Healthcare Executive

May 23, 2024


Kevin Pierce, VikingCloud’s CPO, sat down with Chief Healthcare Executive’s, Ron Southwick to talk about VikingCloud’s survey – The 2024 Threat Landscape Report: Cyber Risks, Opportunities, & Resilience – and how the findings relate to the state of cybersecurity in the healthcare sector. Pierce emphasizes the critical need for a supportive cybersecurity culture within healthcare organizations. He stressed that a culture where staff can speak up is essential for robust cybersecurity. Pierce also highlighted the importance of continuous communication between healthcare organizations and their vendors to assess and enhance cybersecurity measures against evolving threats.


“In healthcare, the attack surface is just exploding,” Pierce says. “It's a problem for everyone in the organization. It’s a problem for your customers. If I'm in retail, it’s a problem for my customers who are coming in and trying to buy something. If I'm in healthcare, it's my patients,” Pierce continued.


Cybersecurity must become a system-wide priority for healthcare, not just the responsibility of information tech or cybersecurity staff. Read more about cybersecurity within healthcare organizations here:



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