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Total Retail: 3 Generative AI Security Risks Retailers Should Beware of

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Total Retail – December 4, 2023

The Total Retail article by VikingCloud Chief Product Officer, Kevin Pierce, discusses the need to understand how cybercriminals are using AI to infiltrate systems, where common exposure points are located, and how to assess the supply chain for vulnerabilities. He goes on to detail these points and what organizations should do to protect themselves from attacks.

Pierce indicates that “the possibilities for GenAI are endless, but they create new risks for data breaches that everyone needs to beware of.” Retail businesses have extensive sensitive customer information, which makes them a key target for cybercriminals using GenAI.

Pierce concludes that “Retailers must fight fire with fire and implement AI cybersecurity systems that help predict where vulnerabilities lie and what actions to take to stay protected.

For more on Generative AI and how to protect your business and customers, read the full article at



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