A poor network and weak security hurt your customer’s omni-channel experience.

Your security and the network matters more than ever.

Keep your distributed retail organization connected + secured.

Managed store

Managed broadband

Fast, high-speed Internet circuit and managed WiFi

Managed store network

Firewall, switches, WAPs, VoIP, cameras and more

Secure payments

Easy-to-use tools and training modules to stay PCI compliant

Vulnerability scanning and log management

Accesses, identifies vulnerabilities across systems

Business continuity

Automated high availability (LTE) back-up keeps you swiping cards

VPN, remote access

Secure connections for IoT devices, loyalty programs and off-site access

Pen testing and assessments

Exploits vulnerabilities and risks using frameworks

Real-time alerting and visibility

Alerting on security and compliance posture

Ecommerce integration

Take payments digitally without the hassles

24x7x365 support

Augments your existing IT team

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