Make accommodations for cybersecurity protection.

Industry studies consistently place hospitality in the top three when it comes to IT environment compromises. Because guests are often securing reservations in advance and then staying for multiple days, hotels and resorts must store guest payment card data for an extended period of time.

To increase the risk even more, you have distributed IT environments with lots of endpoints. This multitude of access points presents attackers with many options for invading a poorly secured network. A number of these endpoints are likely POS and other devices processing payments, with guests paying for services in restaurants, gift shops, bars, spas, and of course at the front desk.

Viking Cloud has the technology, expertise and manpower that maintains your day-to-day security.

Safe hotel accommodations extend to your network.

Hotels & Hospitality are generally at the top of the list when it comes to cyber threats and breaches. You need a scalable IT network solution to keep your customers’ card data protected.