Keep your patient data secured + optimize your patient experience.

Managed cybersecurity

Our next-gen managed firewall and Viking endpoint proactively access and protect your systems and infrastructure from malicious activity.

Managed connectivity

Keep your patient workflows frictionless with fast, high-speed connectivity, including secured guest WiFi and automated failover options.

Secured payments

Take patient copays and payments seamlessly without payment data touching your infrastructure.

IoT monitoring

Ensure the security posture and harden connections for a growing number of connected IoT devices.

Keeping data secured

Data breach is a serious business risk. Threat actors are after both protected health information and payment card information. Ensuring a hardened security posture aligned with the HIPAA Security Rule and PCI DSS help reduce the risk of data breach.

Staying connected

Reliable connectivity and secure communication are vital. From tablets to mobile workstations, data flows are increasingly being exchanged on-the-go to  among IoT devices and require a frictionless network experience.

Evolving digital transformation

Telemedicine, cloud-powered applications and IoT devices are disrupting the healthcare industry. More connected technology often recognizes efficiencies and improves patient outcomes, but can unknowingly introduce new vulnerabilities and threats.

We solve these challenges for you.

Next-Generation Firewall

Unified Threat Management (UTM) provides layered security that enables a secure, segmented network while satisfying related HIPAA and PCI DSS requirements.

The Viking Cloud managed firewall service delivers these benefits along with guest WiFi, mobile device management and a seamless user experience.

Endpoint Protection and Monitoring

Our Viking Endpoint proactively monitors your network environment for malware and other types of intrusions. Our alerting helps you quickly respond to security threats and gives your organization the means to comply with HIPAA and PCI requirements for security log monitoring.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

We monitor your organization’s critical files wherever they’re stored to ensure that wrongful access or changes are quickly detected and addressed. This includes monitoring and alerting for malware-related registry changes, improper access of confidential files and theft of sensitive data.

Security Awareness Training

Your staff are the organization’s first line of defense against cybercrime as well as HIPAA violations. Viking Cloud offers a computer-based, highly flexible security awareness training program to improve your employees’ security and privacy awareness.

PCI Compliance

As a PCI-certified Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) company, Viking Cloud offers an array of PCI-specific services, including gap analysis, risk assessment, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, social engineering and more.

24x7x365 Dedicated Support

Viking Cloud has multiple Security Operations Centers (SOCs) monitoring your network in real-time, as well as includes a dedicated Service Desk available 24x7x365.

Get peace-of-mind with a customized managed solution.

Let our experts guide your organization around the complexities of the HIPAA Security Rule, HIPAA Privacy Rule and/or the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule to give you a framework of baseline requirements that ensure the protection of ePHI.

Our HIPAA engagement solutions include HIPAA gap analysis, security risk assessments, advisory services, penetration testing, web application security testing, social engineering and more.

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Why VikingCloud

We understand emerging threat vectors in healthcare.

From national healthcare systems and retail pharmacies to local providers, VikingCloud has experience protecting the network infrastructure of healthcare and wellness organizations of all sizes.

As the digital transformation of healthcare continues to evolve, working with an experienced managed security and network provider like VikingCloud has become necessitated to protect ePHI, files and payment systems against network threats. Our specialized security vulnerability team is continuously tracking new and emerging threat vectors.

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Get your health app tested

Use pen testing to find vulnerabilities on your health app or website.

Get managed connectivity

Get reliable, fast Internet and automated failover.

Take payments digitally and stay PCI compliant

Streamline payment collection with an easy-to-integrate form.