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LockBit down but far from out

TechFinitive – February 22, 2024

TechFinitive reporter David Windey delves into the significant but not entirely debilitating impact of global government efforts against Lockbit, the notorious ransomware syndicate known for its widespread digital extortion campaigns. Despite the concerted international crackdown, the consensus among cybersecurity experts suggests that this setback for LockBit might be brief and limited in scope.

VikingCloud Cybersecurity Evangelist, Jon Marler, sheds light on the resilience and adaptability of LockBit, even in the face of governmental pressures.

“This disruption will likely be temporary and minimal at best to the organization behind LockBit,” says Marler. “LockBit’s malware is currently in its third major revision, and without any arrests of the core team that created it, we can only expect more.”

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