Michael Webster
Managing Security Consultant, Compliance Delivery


Michael Webster


Meet Michael, our seasoned leader at VikingCloud, managing a dynamic team of experts in governance, risk, compliance, security consulting, and privacy services. With a unique educational background, Michael possesses a rare ability to decipher the language of regulations and privacy laws.

His adept understanding enables him to navigate and ensure compliance with a diverse range of regulations, regardless of their nature.

Clients benefit from Michael's holistic approach, gaining a comprehensive understanding of risks and compliance issues crucial to their business. His adaptability in the face of evolving regulations and effective communication with legal and technical experts make him an invaluable asset in today's complex business environment.

Choose Michael and the VikingCloud team for unparalleled expertise that transcends traditional boundaries, ensuring your business stays ahead in governance, risk management, and compliance.Currently he is directing and managing a team that provides governance, risk, compliance, security consulting, and privacy services to various clients. His value comes from his broad knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines of engineering, computer science, business management, and law, having gone to law school in 2010.

His background gives him a unique ability to understand the language of regulations and privacy laws which supports his ability to consult with clients to understand and comply with laws that have been codified into regulation regardless of the type. His ability to integrate these disciplines and see risk for the benefits of customers offers insights unavailable to most.

He has partnered with various clients to deliver beneficial outcomes related to governance, risk, compliance, and security in industries including healthcare, insurance, government, retail, ecommerce, finance, which includes assisting them in and through a wide variety of governance, security, compliance regulations, risk, and technical challenges.

Michael’s technical ability coupled with his management and legal knowledge, allows him to provide consulting and support to teams in most areas of a company in almost in area of Information Technology, Governance, Privacy, and Cyber-Security.  Michael has a Juris Doctorate, MBA (Technology Management), B.S. (Computer Science), A.S. (Electronic Engineering), and holds a CIPP\US, CISSP, CISA, and is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).