Asgard Platform™

Predictive platform providing continuous cybersecurity and compliance.

We stop threats before they stop your business.

Learning-based AI platform

  • Next generation signature and behavior-based threat detection

  • Model behavior and auto-discover patterns of interest

  • Continuous  monitoring of your network to uncover suspicious activity

Intuitively designed to accommodate organizations of all sizes

Unified “findings” repository

Understand the threat landscape, plus make compliance and risk assessments easier

  • Blend data for a holistic security/compliance view

  • Understand your posture over time quickly

  • Mitigate issues from a single pane

Immediate event-based alerting

Get truly real-time data and information flows to see what’s going on

  • Keep up with the latest flow of information

  • Set customized alerting and notifications

  • Visualize findings and focus efforts on critical threats

Unique asset behavior modeling

A world-class data store capable of tracking hundreds of metrics

  • Scale to billions of data points per day with elastic processing capacity

  • Auto de-duplicating of assets via a multi-key algorithm

Drill-down analytics

Intuitive dashboards and drill-throughs to find just the information you need

  • Easy-to-follow workflows enable efficient responses

  • Pinpoint and surface data points via multi-dimensional faceting and searching

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