the value of powerful, predictive and cohesive CYBERSECURITY SOLUTIONS FOR A QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANT CHAIN.

A U.S.-based Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) company’s disparate security solutions made it impossible to react quickly and decisively against a cyberthreat.That is until they hired VikingCloud for a one-stop solution that puts cybercriminals on the defensive and keeps the registers ringing.


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This qSR ORGANIzation didn’t have a unified cybersecurity system
to manage its risk across its thousands of franchises.

Dealing with disparate cybersecurity systems and vendors, if a cybercriminal attacked one location, the QSR had no way of knowing when or if the attack would spread to other locations, and if so, how far. This lack of visibility put the organization at risk in multiple ways:

  • Without standard, consistent security, and no visibility into all its network-linked assets, the company was more susceptible to breaches, hacks, information thefts, and falling out of compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements. The lack of consistency and visibility also resulted in greater operational complexity and higher costs.
  • What might begin as a security problem for one store could quickly escalate into a company-wide problem without warning and with no way to mount a fast counter-response.
  • Even a breach at a single franchisee could tarnish the entire chain’s brand and reputation.
  • With many vendors in the mix, successfully handling a breach at one store didn’t translate into learning organization-wide best practices to apply to the next threat.

More digital devices that rely on secure connections create more potential points of security risk.
Consider that:


of customers at fast casual restaurants report recently ordering food online for pickup.


of customers say they plan to use mobile order-ahead when dining at QSRs.


of QSR orders are placed at
the drive-thru.


This QSR knew its cybersecurity measures weren’t enough to protect its revenue, reputation, or sensitive customer data.

That’s why company leaders engaged VikingCloud’s Managed Security Services (MSS) to:

  • Provide consistent and integrated security and compliance solutions via VikingCloud’s powerful and predictive Asgard Platform™, a purpose-built, learning-based AI platform that monitors clients’ system-wide cybersecurity threat profile around the clock. With the Asgard Platform, clients receive company-specific insights and benchmarks to make faster and smarter compliance and cybersecurity business decisions.
  • Proactively identify and remediate the vulnerabilities of each store and prevent issues from spreading from one store to another.
  • Offer a firewall solution, managed by a team of certified firewall and security engineers, to manage the flow of all information and ensure the internet remains available at all times.
  • Push out firmware upgrades via its cloud-based platform to every site at the same time, ensuring consistent and systemic security solutions.
  • Help meet current and future PCI compliance requirements — like the looming deadlines for PCI DSS v4.0, the most significant update to the standard since 2013.

the results

Managed Security in Action

Recently, this QSR company experienced the value of MSS when VikingCloud’s continuous monitoring identified a potential vulnerability in one store’s point-of-sales system. VikingCloud jumped into action to:

  • Alert the company, quarantine the device, and swiftly assess which system patches were required to mitigate any security risk.
  • Assess and provide a review of all organization-wide monitored devices to assure the QSR that no other stores showed similar potential vulnerability.

The QSR client was reassured by VikingCloud’s responsiveness and proactive alert, and at a time of rapidly shifting consumer behavior and surging cybersecurity risks, the client is confident that VikingCloud is a critical business partner in the protection, security, and success of their restaurant network’s digital transformation.

That’s why the company recently doubled the size of its partnership with VikingCloud, adding thousands of new locations. The QSR also enhanced its PCI bundle with VikingCloud, adding options such as Proactive Broadband Monitoring and Cellular Failover.

With VikingCloud, they now have system-wide cybersecurity and the confidence that comes from the support of a highly trained team of more than 1,000 cybersecurity and compliance professionals.

The Value of Powerful, Predictive and Cohesive Cybersecurity Solutions for a Quick Service Restaurant Chain.