CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – July 29th, 2021 – Viking Cloud, now a part of Sysnet Global Solutions, today announces it is launching Viking Cloud Endpoint Protection to provide businesses with constant protection from evolving cyber security threats. Endpoint Protection is Viking Cloud’s most recent addition to its range of security solutions; along with Email Security and Next-Generation Firewalls, Endpoint Protection provides a multi-layered security solution to protect against ransomware and other cyberattacks.

Endpoint Protection is the cutting edge of ransomware protection and should be the cornerstone of any modern security stack; Endpoint Protection can identify real-time attacks, isolate infected programs, and remediate the fallout from successful intrusions.

Viking Cloud Software Agents are deployed via the company’s cloud-based Asgard PlatformTM to every endpoint on a business’s network. Once installed, the agent collects and analyses the machine’s activity, using a combination of data analytics, behavioral heuristics, and machine learning to identify abnormalities and alert security staff to potential intrusions, utilizing Asgard’s core event processing and security events correlation functionality. This event ingestion and machine learning functionality also fuels SIEM, FIM, and other modules within the endpoint protection suite, offering a multi-layered security solution. To protect against the increasing threat of ransomware, Endpoint Protection stores a complete backup of the endpoint’s files that can be restored in the event of malicious encryption. The software can proactively block the attack and, crucially, isolate the harmful program to prevent further spread.

Every endpoint connected to a business’s network represents a potential point of intrusion for malicious hackers, from laptops to POS hardware and even smart devices. It’s vital, therefore, that companies invest in Endpoint Protection to help identify and contain cybersecurity attacks, to avoid leaving themselves vulnerable to theft of customer data and ensuing regulatory penalties, expensive network outages, and loss of brand reputation.

Viking Cloud’s Endpoint Protection solution has been specifically designed for rapid, seamless deployment. The zero-touch software can be provisioned across every endpoint in a business’s network from one point of integration, quickly offering advanced protection and peace of mind. Customers benefit from having access to a comprehensive security solution delivered by a single vendor, with Viking Cloud consultants on hand to help with implementation and management. This helps reduce operational costs and enables internal security staff to focus on proactively combating and protecting against cybersecurity threats.

Kevin Pierce, COO at Viking Cloud, comments on the growing need for Endpoint Protection:

“As recent high-profile incidents in Europe and North America have shown, no organization is safe from the growing threat of ransomware; any business can easily be subject to a cyber security attack if they’re not properly protected. These attacks can cripple a business’s infrastructure, expose sensitive customer data, damage reputation, and reduce customer trust, which is why investing in the latest protection is essential.


We’re proud to roll out a cutting-edge Endpoint Protection solution, one that can be rapidly implemented and easily tailored to customers’ networks, allowing for instant protection and pro-active 24×7 monitoring. Utilizing the power of data science and machine learning, Viking Cloud Endpoint Protection will evolve, offering increasingly comprehensive protection against threats as and when they develop. By providing this solution through a single point of integration, backed up by the expertise and service of the Viking Cloud team, Endpoint Protection can help streamline the roll-out and management of malware defence, allowing internal teams to focus on proactive management and protection”.

To learn more about Viking Cloud’s range of managed security and compliance solutions, please visit their website:

About Viking Cloud

Viking Cloud transforms the way organizations approach cyber defense. Customer-centric SaaS solutions enable cutting-edge ways to secure networks, maintain compliance, and provide assurance testing and assessments. Processing more than a billion security events daily, Viking Cloud’s Asgard PlatformTM provides real-time intelligence access to an organization’s cyber risk landscape. The platform enables the Viking Cloud team to partner with organizations of all sizes to ensure proactive management of ever-changing cyber threats and business risks. Headquartered in Chicago, Viking Cloud is a Sysnet Global Solutions company.

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