Endpoint Protection + Detection and Response

VikingCloud’s Managed Endpoint Security combines EPP and EDR to detect and contain known and unknown threats.

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Unrivaled security competence.

We’re familiar with event management over a wide range of network devices and endpoint technologies.

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Multiple SOCs located across in the U.S., ASPAC, and Europe


Elite team of over 700 cybersecurity professionals worldwide


Audited by third-party assessors to guarantee compliant practices

How does VikingCloud Endpoint Security work?

Using a low-overhead software agent, machine learning powered analysis, and the Asgard Platform™, VikingCloud Endpoint Security works with BitDefender GravizyZone to identify suspicious activity, automatically contain the spread of attacks, quarantine and destroy potentially dangerous programs and files, and give security teams the tools and visibility needed to investigate and remediate vulnerabilities and attacks.


VikingCloud Endpoint Agent

Monitors file integrity and gathers and sends event activity to the threat analysis engine to identify potential ransomware and malware attacks in real-time.

Asgard Platform™

Your single pane of glass for endpoint security, incident investigation, and risk analytics across your entire network.

Virtualized Analysis Engine

Quarantine suspicious files and programs and execute them in a secure, virtualized environment and destroy confirmed threats.

Threat Analytics

Distills events from the endpoint agent with prioritized to prevent and contain attacks in real-time.

Correlate Attack Indicators

VikingCloud’s multi-layered approach combines email security, firewall management, endpoint security, BitDefender GravityZone™, and the Asgard Platform™ to prevent, detect, and protect against ransomware.

Asset and User Behavior Mapping

Maintain good network hygiene and fix holes in network security with device mapping, port discovery, and other diagnostic tools to further harden your network.

24x7x365 Support and Care

VikingCloud has an industry-leading technical support team available 24 x 7 and 365 days a year. Our team, including certified firewall and security engineers, are trained to assist across all levels of technical understanding and acumen.

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